Welcome to 't Buitenland

a place to come to yourself

About Molenerflogies


Where once ran the sea over 400 years ago the first mills were built together with the famous Dutch dikes to create land.

The Mill PV (1597) is considered one of the oldest watermills of the Netherlands and accommodated under the Stichting Zijpermolens (founding of the Zijper mills).

The mill yard

After a 450 meters long rustic dike you’ll reach ‘t Buitenland. A traditional Dutch scenery that honours its name by the Dutch translation ‘the land outside’.

What catches the eye immediately is the Tsunami-monument as a place of remembrance, awareness and tranquillity (see

This mill yard is like an earthly paradise with a beautiful garden throughout all seasons.

At the same time it is a powerful place of simplicity, quietness, gathering and healing.


The miller’s cottage

This detached holiday house offers privacy in abundance with a private garden and parking facility.

De Veldwachter

‘The Veldwachter’

‘The Veldwachter is a unique gypsy wagon that is fully equipped and has a view all around. A beautiful outdoor and indoor experience throughout all seasons.


‘The Tipika’

Everything in this clay Yurt is an ode to Mother Nature. Inspired by a tipi and a yurt, but unique in its kind.

A special place for meetings (with yourself), sessions and gatherings in the healing ambiance.

De Veldwachter

't Buitenland

Life ought to be celebrated and where to do this better than in ‘t Buitenland…

The location is like an oasis in the middle of nature at the end of a long driveway and makes you feel like all everyday stress flows away.

This powerful place has grown into a gathering spot for many where tranquillity, space and connection (with all) are the essence. But also a unique location to enforce love verbally and celebrationally.