As an island between two nature reserves, a duck decoy, tulip fields and meadows with sheep, cows and horses you don’t have to go anywhere to experience the pure nature feeling.

An earthly paradise, where silence is only broken by the sound of the many birds, frogs and sheep. Mother nature speaks.

The coastal area is pretty intact with magnificent beaches and beautiful dunes where a feeling of freedom predominates.

An inspiring place where the power of light is present in typical Dutch skies, as well as the changing colors of the environment. 

Trips in the region

Duck decoy ‘t Zand

Duck decoy ‘t Zand was built about 400 years ago. For the residents of the infertile sand area it was an important source of income. Ducks were caught for the meat.

The decoy deteriorated completely throughout the years, but in the 80s it was bought by ‘Landschap Noord-Holland and restored completely in its old condition.

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West-Frisian Folklore Schagen

Since 1953 the ‘Stichting ter Bevordering van de West-Friese Folklore’ organises the 10 West-Frisian Thursdays. These Thursdays are dedicated to among others life, work and clothing around 1910. The 10 Thursdays start early, at 8:30 AM the volunteers gather at museum farm ‘Vreeburg’ to put the horses in front of the carriages.
At 10:45 AM the show starts. About 20 carriages and 350 volunteers form a very well-groomed looking procession. This collection of carriages and authentically dressed volunteers is unique in the Netherlands. Children and women with prams walk along as well. These prams are authentic as well.
Besides the procession and the themes there is much more to see in Schagen. The museum ‘Vreeburg’ is worth a visit. Also, there is a market every Thursday morning.

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Nature reserve Wildrijk

Once there were multiple wooded country estates of wealthy merchants from Amsterdam in the west of the Zijperpolder. So was the Wildrijk nature reserve. Later, during the trenching of the Noordhollandsch Canal, a lot of forest was cut by camping workers. Few pieces of forest were saved. So was the Wildrijk, a unique piece of nature where a nice stroll of about an hour can be made. Especially in spring this is highly recommended as it harbours brightly coloured flourishing wild hyacinths.

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Callantsoog beach

Callantsoog is a real family seaside resort. The village is positioned beautifully in the dunes next to the beach and has a mall that is open daily in peak season (so Sundays and evenings as well). Aside that there are beach restaurants and a baywatch. The nearby nudist beach is the oldest of the Netherlands.

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Het Zwanenwater

Nature reserve Het Zwanenwater lies in the dunes of Noord-Holland near the coastal town of Callantsoog. A very diverse dune area of 600 acres and two lakes as eye catchers.

In the middle of the dune area lie the two largest natural dune lakes of Western Europe: the First Water and a bit more south the Second Water with the Goat island. In the course of the 18th century they originated by the rise of the ground water and rainfall that remained, a little behind the sea bar.

Because of the rich flora and fauna Het Zwanenwater has an internationally guarded status; it is a Natura 2000-area (nature reserve of European importance) and an official Wetland-area (wetland nature reserve of international importance.

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